Maruboshi Central & Eastern Europe

Maruboshi Central & Eastern Europe

Technical Translation

All of our translators are qualified and knowledgeable linguists. Our quality assurance process requires for both a native translator and a professionally trained proofreader to work on every job. We use the industry standard Translation Memory and Terminology software, such as SDL Trados 2006 and SDL Trados Studio 2011, to keep translation consistent and accurate. Thanks to Translation Memory, data from each subsequent project is saved and significantly reduces the cost on the customer`s side.


No product should be placed in another country without the prior localization of the content associated with it. This is primarily due to the obligation of translating instruction manuals and the need to adapt advertising communications and packaging requirements to the new market. The whole product-related content and graphics should be in accordance with applicable regulations, and adapted to meet the specific requirements of the target customer.


We also offer transcription services for video files of materials such as advertising, training videos, instructional materials, e-learning and many more. Each project can be later translated into other languages.

Desktop Publishing

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Framemaker, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and XyVision XML Professional Publisher 7.


Maruboshi has expertise in XML content engineering to facilitate the publishing of complex information and technical documentation. We can use XML content engineering for any new project. It will ease the production process, make your text available for different projects and media, and thus reduce your costs. We can also perform a construction analysis of existent literature and create a DTD (Document Type Definition) for future projects.

Western European:

 • French

 • Italian

 • German

 • Spanish

 • English

 • Portuguese

 • Dutch

Central European:

 • Polish

 • Latvian

 • Estonian

 • Lithuanian

 • Czech

 • Slovak

 • Hungarian

 • Slovenian

 • Greek


 • Chinese (all varieties)

 • Korean

 • Vietnamese

 • Japanese

Eastern European:

 • Slovenian

 • Bulgarian

 • Turkish

 • Ukrainian

 • Belarusian

 • Russian

 • Romanian


 • Swedish

 • Danish

 • Norwegian

 • Finnish

And other such as:

 • Brazilian-Portuguese

 • Kazakh

 • Kirgiz



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